West Chicago Voice - About Us : The voice of West Chicago, Illinois - digital local news - for locals by locals .


West Chicago Voice - About Us : The voice of West Chicago, Illinois - digital local news - for locals by locals
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About The West Chicago Voice:

Welcome to West Chicago Voice, your trusted source of news and information for the vibrant community of West Chicago. Founded by local residents with deep roots in the community West Chicago Voice aims to provide timely and reliable news coverage right at your fingertips. Our family has over 45 years in this community we call home, we’ve witnessed the growth and transformation of the town firsthand, making us well-equipped to understand the needs and interests of WeGo’s residents.

Throughout our lives, we have been committed to West Chicago and it’s progress. Together with our family, we have made West Chicago our forever home. We feel the lack of a local newspaper on a deeply personal level, we grew up with the West Chicago Press and even worked for them for over 8 years. WeGo is an amazing community and our children deserve to know the joy of seeing their name in the newspaper as we did growing up here. Businesses deserve the recognition of their accomplishments, and our fine public servants of the Police department and fire protection district should be offered a venue in which to communicate important information to the residents. Concerns intrinsic to the place we call home should have a platform to be expressed. Local residents should feel they have a VOICE, thus the name choice. It may not be a print vehicle right now, but maybe someday it will be. We want access to be free and open to everyone interested in the news of West Chicago to be able to view it. There will be no “paywalls” that require readers to pay to access online information, and blocks them from viewing it if they don’t.

We had an opportunity to make another community our home, but we didn’t. We chose to stay right here in our hometown and raise our family. The town has served as a nurturing environment for our family, providing the perfect backdrop for our children’s education. All three of our kids are proud graduates of West Chicago Community High School, a testament to the quality of education provided by the local institutions. We are ardent supporters of various local initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of our fellow residents. When we’re not click clacking away on our keyboards, our family enjoys working in our large, organic vegetable garden, live music and food events as well as frequenting local sporting events at the high school. We also cherish spending quality time with our kids and have a particular fondness for movies from the Marvel Comic Universe!

West Chicago Voice is the culmination of our dedication to keeping the community informed and empowered. Our  love for West Chicago knows no bounds. It is this passion that led us to establish the West Chicago Voice, a community newspaper dedicated to the stories, achievements, and concerns of the residents. With a team of talented journalists and contributors, we strive to cover a wide range of topics that matter to you. From local news and events to business spotlights and human interest stories, we aim to capture the essence of West Chicago in every article we produce. We are excited to embark on this journey with you, our valued readers. Together, let’s explore the fascinating tapestry of West Chicago and make a difference in the place we proudly call home.

Our best content comes from YOU, the local community! Please send us your announcements, news, meeting times and dates, club or worship schedules, school news , obituaries, and any news fit to print. We can’t wait to learn more about what’s happening in town! Send us your news via email to: Hello@WestChicagoVoice.com or use the form located here.

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*The West Chicago Voice is NOT affiliated with The Voice in Aurora, IL.