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St. Charles Officials Want Pheasant Run Demolished

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City officials in neighboring St. Charles are taking a firm stance against the boarded up site of the former Pheasant Run Resort and are demanding its demolition. Concerned about the safety hazards it poses, the officials have issued a 15-day notice of intent to sue. This move comes after a recent fire occurred on the property, marking the second incident of its kind in the last 15 months. The city is determined to address this issue promptly and ensure the well-being of its residents.

In a recent news release, Mayor Lora Vitek expressed her ongoing concern regarding the substandard safety and security conditions at the site. Despite efforts made by the property owner, the desired improvements have not been achieved, prompting the city to take more assertive actions. Mayor Vitek emphasized the need for swift action and stated that the city is now pursuing more aggressive measures. The objective is to demolish all vacant buildings on the premises, allowing for the clearing of the site and potential redevelopment opportunities. It is worth noting that the resort at this location ceased operations in March 2020. The property is owned by Saint Charles Resort, LLC, out of Miami Beach, Fla., officials said.

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