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City Of St. Charles Wants To Level Pheasant Run Property

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ST. CHARLES, IL — City officials in St. Charles are now seeking court permission to demolish the former Pheasant Run Resort.

In a recent hearing held on Thursday morning, the city of St. Charles successfully requested and obtained an emergency petition for the appointment of a receiver for the former Pheasant Run Property. This significant step has been taken with the intention of facilitating the demolition of the remaining structures on the site, as per a press release issued by the city.

City officials have announced that Great Lakes Property Services LLC, the appointed receiver, has been granted immediate authorization to take possession of the property. As part of their responsibilities, they will be constructing a security fence around the perimeter and conducting an environmental assessment of the buildings and site. Furthermore, Great Lakes Property Services will be responsible for obtaining bids for the demolition of the buildings.

A hearing has been scheduled for October 12, during which Great Lakes Property Services will present the demolition bids to the court. It is important to note that all costs associated with the receivership will be covered by the building owner, Saint Charles Resort, LLC, based in Miami Beach, Florida, as stated in the official press release.

“I am thrilled with the fantastic outcome of today’s hearing,” exclaimed Mayor Lora Vitek of St. Charles. “To prioritize the safety of our community, it is crucial to proceed with the demolition of the remaining structures. This decision has been long awaited and well-deserved. We have been diligently urging the property owner to address the inadequate safety and security conditions on the premises for an extended period. However, their attempts have not yielded satisfactory outcomes, leading the City to request judicial intervention. The court’s authorization of the demolition earlier today serves as a resounding validation that this is indeed the correct course of action.”

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