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Governor Pritzker Wants To Abolish The IL Grocery Tax: Who Will Suffer, Who Will Benefit?

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Anytime the announcement of the elimination of any tax happens, most Illinoisans want to jump for joy. That doesn’t happen very often though, once we’re taxed those taxes are here to stay generally. Many Illinois residents feel they’re taxed to the hilt, and let’s be honest nobody really wants to pay taxes, but we do. Residents have been fleeing the state in record-numbers in the past few years, especially since the Covid-19 Pandemic struck the US. When asked why they fled the state and moved south to other states such as Texas or Florida, many say high taxes of all kinds were the determining factor for their exodus.

Recently, Governor of the State Of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, announced that he wants to abolish a tax for the citizens of Illinois, it looks great on paper, however, it may cause local communities such as West Chicago to suffer.

In his recent budget address, Governor Pritzker announced that he wants to eliminate the grocery tax across the state. Pritzker claims he’s taken Republican’s advice in announcing the grocery tax initiative, Illinois is one of 13 states in the country that still taxes grocery purchases.  What many people don’t realize is its elimination could hurt our local community. The grocery tax is a local tax that goes directly to municipalities. The lack of these incoming funds can negatively affect the city of West Chicago’s budget, possibly impacting services or programs the city currently offers. It may even cause the city’s taxing body to create a tax on their own to recoup these lost funds. It’s too early to say what the city will do, they’re still discussing and bouncing ideas around about the “what if …” scenario. Hypotheticals are hard to determine at this point

Pritzker announced the move during his State of the State speech last month. Municipalities criticized the move, saying they could be out of $325 million in tax revenue if the proposal passes. Local city council member, Heather Brown (West Chicago Ward 2 Representative) claims this move isn’t really Pritzker’s idea, she says it’s an idea being pushed forward by the Democratic party.

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