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New UPDATE: Confusion As To WHO Actually Owns Bob’s Salt and Feed Property

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UPDATE 2: as of the publication of our update 4 days ago, the West Chicago City Administrator emailed us (unsolicited ), and said this:

“I’m sorry Heather, while what Tom wrote you is accurate, as I previously communicated, we are still not the official owner of the three parcels and won’t be until all outstanding obligations are satisfied and we close on the property, both of which have not occurred; the back taxes component has been particularly challenging. The City hopes to finalize those remaining requirements to complete the ownership process next week.”
in the meantime the West Chicago Voice is still researching and attempting to bring the residents the whole story of what is going on regarding this property.
A source has anonymously reported to us that the property which consists of three parcels of land have allegedly been auctioned for back taxes – and three separate bidders won. (One allegedly is in Illinois, two bidders are allegedly out of state). Which may elude to what Mr. Guttman is referring to. We will confirm all details in a future article. It is frustrating, confusing and the West Chicago Voice is committed to getting the WHOLE story for our readers. When We asked Mr. Guttman if our source’s claim is correct (via email today 07/01/2024) we did not receive a response to that inquiry yet.
We ask.. Why the big mystery? 
Residents confirmed they saw city personnel mowing the tall grass on the property since our publication of the last update- which is great because it was unsightly, and other safety issues needed to be addressed- so whether the city of West Chicago owns one, two or  three or none of the parcels which consist of  this property- they’re taking the right steps to making it safer and better looking for the community that eagerly awaits the whole story. Subscribe to the West Chicago Voice HERE for free. 

– One week ago, The West Chicago Voice published an article regarding the commercial property at 126 Wood Street, the former Bob’s Salt And Feed Property. (See Below) Since the publication of this article and the information provided by the city administrator, Michael Guttman- the West Chicago Voice was given an anonymous tip from a resident stating that they were there when the keys to the property were turned over to city officials – the source stated this exchange of the keys to the property was before the publication of our article and prior to our speaking to Mr. Guttman. When we published the article, we believed what we were told (that the city did not have possession of the property) and went with the information we had at the time. However, we reached back out to the director of community development, Tom Dabareiner last night with this new information/tip, and he responded today (06/27/2024) with the following statement via email)- we told him we had this information from a source, and were getting conflicting information and wanted confirmation as to whether or not the city now has possession or owns the property this is the statement he provided back to us:

(Note: we are not implying Mr. Guttman was not truthful in his statement prior, but our source is telling us this exchange of the keys of the property happened weeks ago- long before the publication of our article last week, however, we have no way to verify that information.)


In speaking with the City Attorney, the City now has the deed to the property. However, we are still working through matters related to back taxes owed.

The City will first address the tall grass/weeds and the broken glass on site. Following our inspections we do not believe the structure is worth saving and likely will move towards demolition. After the site is ready the City intends to sell the property to recover some of our investment.

Tom Dabareiner AICP

Community Development Director

City of West Chicago”

Screenshot below:

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UDPATE- Hace una semana, The West Chicago Voice publicó un artículo sobre la propiedad comercial en 126 Wood Street, la antigua propiedad de Bob’s Salt And Feed. (Ver a continuación) Desde la publicación de este artículo y la información proporcionada por el administrador de la ciudad, Michael Guttman, West Chicago Voice recibió un aviso anónimo de un residente que indicaba que estaban allí cuando las llaves de la propiedad fueron entregadas a la ciudad. funcionarios: la fuente declaró que este intercambio de llaves de la propiedad fue antes de la publicación de nuestro artículo y antes de que habláramos con el Sr. Guttman. Cuando publicamos el artículo creímos lo que nos dijeron (que la ciudad no tenía posesión del inmueble) y nos guiamos por la información que teníamos en ese momento. Sin embargo, anoche nos comunicamos con el director de desarrollo comunitario, Tom Dabareiner, con esta nueva información/consejo, y él respondió hoy (27/06/2024) con la siguiente declaración por correo electrónico: le dijimos que teníamos esta información. de una fuente, obtuvimos información contradictoria y queríamos confirmación sobre si la ciudad ahora tiene posesión o es propietaria de la propiedad. Esta es la declaración que nos proporcionó:

(Nota: no estamos insinuando que el Sr. Guttman no haya sido sincero en su declaración anterior, pero nuestra fuente nos dice que este intercambio de llaves de la propiedad ocurrió hace semanas; sin embargo, mucho antes de la publicación de nuestro artículo la semana pasada, hemos no hay forma de verificar esa información.)


Al hablar con el Fiscal Municipal, la Ciudad ahora tiene la escritura de la propiedad. Sin embargo, todavía estamos trabajando en asuntos relacionados con los impuestos atrasados ​​adeudados.

La Ciudad se ocupará primero del pasto alto, la maleza y los vidrios rotos en el lugar. Después de nuestras inspecciones, no creemos que valga la pena salvar la estructura y probablemente avanzaremos hacia la demolición. Una vez que el sitio esté listo, la Ciudad tiene la intención de vender la propiedad para recuperar parte de nuestra inversión.

Tom Dabareiner AICP

Directora de Desarrollo Comunitario

ciudad de oeste de chicago ”

Captura de pantalla a continuación:

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WEST CHICAGO, IL — Once a bustling cornerstone of the community, the former Bob’s Salt And Feed property at 126 Wood St in West Chicago has fallen into disrepair, prompting concerns and action from local authorities.

For years, Bob’s Salt And Feed served residents by offering a variety of goods including animal feed, pet supplies, garden essentials, and salt products. However, since its closure several years ago and a change in ownership, the property has deteriorated significantly. Passersby now encounter overgrown weeds, high grass, tarps on badly damaged roofs, broken glass on the main building’s front window, and graffiti adorning its structures.

According to property records with DuPage County and the City of West Chicago, substantial unpaid bills, including approximately $20,000 in past property taxes, have accrued. City Administrator Michael Guttman acknowledged the challenges in a statement to the West Chicago Voice in March, stating,

“The City has not been able to achieve voluntary compliance by the property owner, so its next step is to file a Verified Complaint in the Circuit Court in an effort to have the code violations abated and to attempt to collect on our judgments encumbering the property.”

Rumors circulated on social media in June suggesting the property had been acquired by the city or foreclosed upon by a bank, prompting clarification from Guttman.

“The City does not yet own this property,” he confirmed. “If the City takes title to it, we will need to procure the services of a demolition contractor to raze the unsafe, abandoned structures on the site, and then will seek to sell the property to recover our investment.”

Efforts to reach the property owner have been unsuccessful by the city and others. despite multiple postings on the front door of the business. Bills, business envelopes and notices adorn the front door of the business office. The city’s persistence underscores its commitment to address blight and safety concerns in the community.

The West Chicago Voice’s research shows outstanding tax bills in excess of $24,000 that are due. Attempts to locate the owner of the property were fruitless. The deteriorating condition of this property poses a significant hazard to residents, especially children. The state of disrepair not only compromises the aesthetic appeal of our community but also jeopardizes the safety of those living nearby. Urgent action is imperative to address these concerns promptly. Whether through the responsible property owner taking proactive steps or the appropriate city authorities intervening, it is crucial that measures be implemented swiftly to mitigate this evident safety risk. Clear guidelines and actions are needed as it pertains to private property maintenance, ensuring that such hazards are promptly rectified to safeguard our community’s well-being.

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.Bob's Salt and Feed Property Future Hangs In The Balance - business news- local, independent news - West Chicago Voice Newspaper copyright 2024 all rights reserved Bob's Salt and Feed Property Future Hangs In The Balance - business news- local, independent news - West Chicago Voice Newspaper copyright 2024 all rights reserved Bob's Salt and Feed Property Future Hangs In The Balance - business news- local, independent news - West Chicago Voice Newspaper copyright 2024 all rights reserved Bob's Salt and Feed Property Future Hangs In The Balance - business news- local, independent news - West Chicago Voice Newspaper copyright 2024 all rights reserved

Bob's Salt and Feed Property Future Hangs In The Balance - business news- local, independent news - West Chicago Voice Newspaper copyright 2024 all rights reserved Bob's Salt and Feed Property Future Hangs In The Balance - business news- local, independent news - West Chicago Voice Newspaper copyright 2024 all rights reserved


WEST CHICAGO, IL — La antigua propiedad de Bob’s Salt And Feed en 126 Wood St en West Chicago, que alguna vez fue una bulliciosa piedra angular de la comunidad, ha caído en mal estado, lo que generó preocupaciones y acciones por parte de las autoridades locales.

Durante años, Bob’s Salt And Feed sirvió a los residentes ofreciendo una variedad de productos que incluían alimentos para animales, artículos para mascotas, artículos básicos para el jardín y productos de sal. Sin embargo, desde su cierre hace varios años y el cambio de propietario, la propiedad se ha deteriorado significativamente. Los transeúntes ahora encuentran maleza excesiva, pasto alto, lonas en los techos muy dañados, vidrios rotos en la ventana frontal del edificio principal y graffitis que adornan sus estructuras.

Según los registros de propiedad del condado de DuPage y la ciudad de West Chicago, se han acumulado importantes facturas impagas, incluidos aproximadamente $20,000 en impuestos a la propiedad anteriores. El administrador de la ciudad, Michael Guttman, reconoció los desafíos en una declaración al West Chicago Voice en marzo, afirmando:

“La Ciudad no ha podido lograr el cumplimiento voluntario por parte del dueño de la propiedad, por lo que su próximo paso es presentar una Queja Verificada en el Tribunal de Circuito en un esfuerzo por reducir las violaciones del código e intentar cobrar nuestras sentencias que gravan la propiedad. “.

En junio circularon rumores en las redes sociales que sugerían que la propiedad había sido adquirida por la ciudad o ejecutada por un banco, lo que provocó una aclaración por parte de Guttman.

“La Ciudad aún no es propietaria de esta propiedad”, confirmó. “Si la Ciudad toma el título de propiedad, necesitaremos contratar los servicios de un contratista de demolición para demoler las estructuras inseguras y abandonadas en el sitio, y luego buscaremos vender la propiedad para recuperar nuestra inversión”.

Los esfuerzos por contactar al dueño de la propiedad han sido infructuosos por parte de la ciudad y otros. a pesar de múltiples publicaciones en la puerta de entrada del negocio. Facturas, sobres comerciales y avisos adornan la puerta principal de la oficina comercial. La persistencia de la ciudad subraya su compromiso de abordar los problemas de deterioro y seguridad en la comunidad. La investigación de West Chicago Voice muestra facturas de impuestos pendientes de pago que superan los $24,000. Los intentos de localizar al dueño del inmueble fueron infructuosos.

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