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WCCHS Offers Dual Credit Courses For College of DuPage

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WCCHS students can earn college credit through select classes

Dual credit courses allow students an opportunity to earn both high school credit and College of DuPage credit from the same course. Thus, students completing dual credit coursework can graduate high school with college credit already obtained in the coursework listed below. College of DuPage tuition for dual credit courses is waived. High School and College staffing can impact the availability of dual credit options on a year-to-year basis. In order to be eligible for dual credit, students must do the following:

  • High school students must be dually enrolled as College of DuPage students.  If a student misses the enrollment deadline for COD enrollment, no COD credit can be awarded.
  • Meet College of DuPage prerequisite requirements, including grade level and test score requirements listed below
  • Reading Level 1: a score of 70 or higher on COD’s college placement test, a composite ACT score of 20 or an SAT score of 500 or above on the SAT verbal/critical reading section or a SAT composite score of 950 or higher. Students who have 2.6/4.0 (3.23/5) unweighted cumulative GPA with 7 semesters of high school grades are exempt from reading level requirements.

Note that dual credit agreements between the high school and COD are re-signed every summer. Although once agreements are initiated they remain in place, a change in staff or textbooks at either the high school or college could result in an agreement not being renewed.

Now that the school year is underway, students should check as soon as possible with their teachers or academic counselors about earning college credits.

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